Living and Buying Real Estate in Springfield- A Comprehensive Guide!

Springfield, Missouri- located in the Ozark Mountains, has a lot of charm. It has a rich history and culture– plus, you can enjoy small-town life while still having access to big-city perks. Little wonder then that this place is becoming more popular with homebuyers who want both! 

The cost of living here is affordable; there are jobs thanks to a growing economy (meaning people feel safer walking down Main Street at night) and a tight-knit community that residents love., making it an increasingly attractive option for those looking to invest in property. 

So, if you’re considering buying real estate in the area, let’s find out more about what makes Springfield unique and take an in-depth peek at housing market trends!

The Appeal of Springfield

In southwest Missouri lies Springfield– a place of outstanding natural beauty, culture and things to do. 

It’s called the “Queen City of the Ozarks“,” and it’s not just famous because of its hills, rivers, forests, and caves: the people here are really nice, too! Little wonder then that many folks think this is the perfect place to live. 

Apart from having a community college, there are two universities in town, so if young adults want to further their education, they can’t go further!

Quality of Life

Springfield is consistently ranked high on lists of places with an excellent quality of life (it scored 7th among 50 other US cities) for good reason. It is the only city in Missouri that combines inexpensive living costs with everything people want from a community.

No wonder individuals who think about relocating here discover they can buy more houses for their money, meaning wider choice when they move up the property ladder!

Its schools are excellent– not something one can always say about in big cities. So, if you are purchasing a new family home, rest assured your young children will get an excellent start to their education if it’s in Springfield.

The eateries are unbelievably good (remember not to try the cashew chicken), and there is fabulous Mexican food. And with three large caves just outside city limits, there is plenty to do in the way of outdoor recreation.

Many healthcare options exist, including two major hospitals, Mercy Hospital and CoxHealth!

Economic Opportunities

Springfield has a varied economy, but healthcare takes the lead in employment.

There is also a lot of manufacturing done here; this industry thrives with firms such as General Electric, 3M Company, and Kraft Foods, all of which have operations in the city.

Remember its tourist appeal, too—as the birthplace of Route 66 (known worldwide), Springfield also benefits from an active hospitality sector!

The Real Estate Market in Springfield is Strong 

Affordability and Value

Purchasing property in Springfield provides excellent bang for your buck. 

Zillow reports that the median price of homes in Springfield is a tad less than the national average ($358k vs. $412k), which makes this area appealing to first-time home buyers who want affordable options and investors looking at potential rental income.

Springfield has many neighborhoods, each with its own vibe. Here are a few you might like:

Real Estate Market Insights

Springfield’s real estate market has consistently grown, including a 16% rise in median house costs in 2024 from 2019. This is likely to continue due to the stability of Springfield’s economy, an attractive attribute that makes this part of Oregon a secure place for investors.

A typical home in Springfield costs around $407,047, up 1.8% in the past year! When it comes onto the market, it goes under contract in less than two weeks!

Property taxes are much cheaper here ($0.7053 per $100 of assessed value) than in other parts of Missouri plus cities bordering states such as Illinois and Kansas. This makes buying a house accessible to many people: something else that pushes up real estate demand (and prices)!

Living in Springfield

Cultural and Recreational Activities

Residing in Springfield has perks: easy access to museums, music venues, art galleries and more for all tastes. 

You can visit the Wonders of Wildlife National Museum & Aquarium or Juanita K Hammons Performing Arts Center, which hosts a range of Broadway shows.

Nature lovers can also find lots to do around Springfield. For example, Mark Twain National Forest is within reach. This famous woodland offers trails that weave through challenging landscapes; lakes are set amid rolling hills. It’s a great spot if you like hiking and many other activities. 

Although it’s close by, one thing that needs to be added to Springfield’s surroundings is any part of the lovely Finley River!

Education And Healthcare 

Springfield has a robust education system with many public and private schools. 

The Springfield Public Schools District offers fantastic public education for Pre-K through 12th-grade students and inclusive teaching programs that meet diverse student needs. 

Some of the most notable ones include:

There are also many great colleges and universities in town if you want to keep studying after high school! Some of these are:

If you live here, you can get excellent healthcare at Mercy Hospital or CoxHealth, which have cutting-edge technology and top patient care ratings.

Community And Lifestyle 

Springfield is characterized by its strong community spirit, which fosters a small-town feel where everybody knows their neighbors. It’s common to see people chatting on sidewalks or waving from their front porches in this friendly town.

The arts are alive and well in Springfield, with many galleries, performance spaces and public artworks. Pop-up markets sell handmade goods on weekends, while the annual Street Music Festival attracts musicians nationwide.

In downtown Springfield, an eclectic mix of restaurants offers everything from southern soul food to dishes from Ethiopia! There are also plenty of bars if you fancy a nightcap after dinner– or why not sample some local craft beer at one of the breweries in town?

Transportation And Accessibility 

Springfield has two main highways: Highway 60 and Interstate 44. This simplifies travelling across town and further afield by car or truck.

If you’re thinking about flying somewhere (or having friends fly in to see you), there is the Springs-Branson National Airport. From here, the Lower-Metro area can be reached quickly, as can other points of interest.

Springfield also has its own bus transportation – the Sangamon Mass Transit District (SMTD) – primarily operates in and around Springfield, Illinois. It also serves several nearby communities along with 17 fixed bus routes.

Overall Conclusion on Living and Buying Real Estate in Springfield

Springfield is increasingly attractive to homebuyers because of its beautiful landscapes, varied economy, and friendly residents. 

This Midwestern city also boasts affordable housing and living costs- good news for people purchasing their first home or buying properties to rent out. Beyond financial matters, Springfield has lots to do; there are cultural activities, such as parks, etc.

Move here if you want urban excitement, but avoid paying through the nose! If you wish to live in rural peace, move here, too! Springfield’s housing market is strong; whether you’re after an investment property or your own place, you should be able to find something nice!

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