Oklahoma City is often referred to as a gem in the heart of the American Southwest, with an appealing combination of opportunity, affordability, and cultural appeal. It doesn’t matter if you’re perusing real estate listings on nationwide real estate websites like MyState MLS and looking for homes available for sale located in Oklahoma City or shifting into a chic loft in the fashionable Plaza District. There’s always something new and exciting just in the next corner. From the thrilling energy of Thunder, basketball matches to the peaceful water that flows from the Oklahoma River, living in Oklahoma City offers a vibrant mix of urban charm and homey comfort.

However, there’s much more to the OKC experience that’s only sometimes immediately visible to the average real estate professional, investor, or otherwise unaffiliated. We’re ready to take you on an adventure through the city’s most desirable (and less-than-best) qualities, extending beyond the stunning views of the city’s skyline. Get ready for an insider’s view of the city’s life in Oklahoma City, the pros and negatives, the positives and downs, the swept-up and barbecue-smoked. Like they say in the city, “Oklahoma is OK,” but don’t just trust their words; read through the article and decide on your own.

Why People Love Living In Oklahoma City

It Costs Less To Live Here

The affordability of Oklahoma City is one of the main reasons why people visit. This affordability is evident in the housing market, as the median home price of homes sold in Oklahoma City is only $265,990, 35 percent less than the average national price of $408,000. The less expensive cost of living in Oklahoma City extends to other expenses, too. With a more significant disposable income and less pressure on their finances, people can take full advantage of Oklahoma City’s lively culture, leisure activities, and involvement in the community that create a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.

Job openings

Oklahoma City boasts a diversified economy that doesn’t rely on any one sector to be deemed intriguing for would-be job seekers. The energy sector, especially natural gas and oil, has been a long-standing factor in the growth of economic activity in Oklahoma, and the city has numerous top companies. Additionally, Oklahoma City has a growing aerospace and aviation business and a prominent hub for healthcare that houses top institutions such as The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Additionally, the government has a relatively strong presence. Each of these sectors has created a diverse economy, providing numerous job opportunities that appeal to various talents and desires.

Cultural activities

Although Oklahoma City might not be the first thing that pops up whenever you consider places to visit for cultural activities, The city is home to an abundance of institutions for culture. The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is home to various collections and is known as one of the most extensive exhibits in the world of glass art, created by famed glass-blowing artist Dale Chihuly. The Science Museum Oklahoma, a museum with interactive exhibits, delights both adults and children alike. Its National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is a tribute to the city’s historic roots, providing a glimpse into the history and culture that shaped this region of the American West. This way, Oklahoma City offers visitors and residents rich and varied cultural experiences.

Growing Sports Scene

For those who love sports, Oklahoma City offers an active local scene for sports. It is the home of the Oklahoma City Thunder, one of the newest and most active teams in the NBA. The games held at Chesapeake Energy Arena are exciting, with thrilling live basketball action. The sports arena goes beyond basketball. Baseball fans like the Oklahoma City Dodgers can enjoy minor league games. Oklahoma City Dodgers is also renowned for its rowing. The city has the only Olympic and Paralympic Training Site for rowing, canoeing, and kayaking in the Boathouse District. In addition, the horse races in Oklahoma City are world-class shows that draw crowds of spectators and competitors from across the world.

A Friendly Community 

Famous for its Southern hospitality, Oklahoma City has a reputation for being a genuinely welcoming city. People frequently comment about how friendly and welcoming people are. It’s not unusual to see strangers exchange greetings on the streets. Events that are community-oriented, like neighborhood festivals, markets, farmers’ markets, and celebrations for the entire city, create a sense of openness and warmth. The city of Oklahoma City can feel like a part of an extended family in which everyone knows their neighbors and cares for each other. This warm and welcoming atmosphere makes the transition to the city of Oklahoma City much smoother and more enjoyable for people who are new to the area.

Potential Downsides Of Living In Oklahoma City

It’s Pretty Windy More Often Than Not

The wind blowing through Oklahoma City isn’t just a breeze; it’s a defining characteristic of the region. It is a whirlwind that sways across these plains with such force that it’s been immortalized as the famous tune of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s show “Oklahoma!” It can provide a refreshing break from the summer heat. However, the wind also has a bad reputation for destroying perfectly styled hair and making simple walks into the workout. If you’ve ever wished to feel like a model during an outdoor photo shoot in a wind tunnel, Oklahoma City has you secured.

Oklahoma Is A Lot Further From Other Cities

The central location of Oklahoma City can be a hindrance for those who take day excursions to cities near Oklahoma City. Dallas, Texas, has a vibrant arts and music scene, 200 miles away and is about a three-to-four-hour drive away. Traveling toward Wichita, Kansas, is a 160-mile journey that takes about three hours. Then again, Tulsa, the state’s most populous city, is just a two-hour drive, which is 100 miles away. The city’s isolation in Oklahoma City can mean longer journey times to nearby towns and possibly limit the accessibility of places to visit; the city is full of hidden treasures that could prompt you to reconsider the necessity of travel on the road.

It’s Super Flat

Oklahoma’s vast flat landscape is stunning, with the sky reaching out in every direction and stunning sunsets. If you’re a fan of mountains and you’re a mountaineer, you may overlook the sharp mountains on the landscape. The options for hiking in near the city are more walking than climbing. The absence of hills makes Oklahoma City perfect for cycling.

Barbecue Everywhere

In Oklahoma City, barbecue is an integral part of the culture. The delicious aroma of smokey meat is a regular occurrence in many communities, and events often include the traditional barbecue contest. While it’s delicious for some, it’s less appealing if you don’t consume meat. But don’t fret—the food scene in the city is growing, and while you may have to travel beyond the barbecue places, There are many burgeoning vegan and vegetarian eateries waiting to discover.


Oklahoma City can be an issue for those who are sensitive to seasonal allergies. The city is known for being”the sneeze capital” to some people, and it is known for its high levels of pollen, particularly during the autumn and spring seasons. On the bright side, the local pharmacies are filled with remedies for allergies, and many residents have found that they improve as they age. In addition, the city’s stunning flowers in gardens and parks nearly make it worth it.

The general consensus is that Oklahoma is a beautiful and reasonably priced place to live. If you are a real estate professional or a potential investor, feel free to visit MyState MLS today to check out everything Oklahoma Statewide MLS has to offer!

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